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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a website / product / service that I want to promote. Could you please tell your readers about it?

I get lots of requests for free links and advertising, and I don’t have time to answer them all. So please note my policy:

1. I don’t offer free links or advertising.

2. I don't sell text links.

3. I'm not in the business of recommending editorials, "how to" articles, or popular advice articles to my readers, however well written. They don't fit with the narrow mission of my website (see below).

If you have a website or product that you would like to advertise with a paid banner on Parenting, you can contact me.

Can I guest write an article or submit a manuscript for possible publication?

Sorry, no. I do not publish the work of other authors or accept submissions at this time.

What about a link exchange?

I am open to link exchanges. But before you write to propose one, please keep I mind these guidelines.

Links I won’t make

1. I don’t offer free advertising for websites that promote goods or services. If you have a promotional website, and you want my readers to know about it, you can contact me about placing an ad.

2. I don’t do link exchanges with websites that promote medical or therapeutic services (e.g., a website for a therapist who offers counseling sessions). That’s not intended as a slight to your expertise. It’s because I can’t recommend a service provider to others if I don’t know him or her personally.

3. I need links to be relevant to my content. You might have a great site, but if it doesn’t “fit” anywhere on my site, I can’t use it.

4. As a rule, I don't promote parenting resources unless they are evidence-based, fully-referenced, and written by trained academics. Parenting Science is not a general interest parenting website. It's purpose is confined to helping parents and educators learn what peer-reviewed, academic journals have published on topics relating to child development and child-reading.

Links I have made

In general, the links that I list on my website fall into one of these categories:

• Academic, research-based information sites (i.e., the websites of university researchers)

• Government websites that describe health or safety policies

• Websites associated with major professional medical organizations (e.g., the AAPA) or credentialed medical professionals who offer advice strictly related to those credentials (e.g., Dr. William Sears)

• Websites that offer unique, free, high-quality, non-medical services relevant to one of my articles (e.g., free, legal music downloads)

• Support groups for specific issues relevant to one of my pages (e.g., attachment parenting; childbirth trauma)

Can I reprint one of your articles on my blog or website?

No. My articles are already available online here. If you think your readers would be interested, please feel free to publish a link to any of my articles. That’s what I do when I find an off-site article of great interest to my audience.

Can I reprint one of your articles in my (offline) newsletter, magazine, or book?

If you are interested in buying the rights for a one-time reprint, you can contact me with the details and I will consider it.

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