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Privacy policy, copyright information and legal disclaimer

Here is some important legal information regarding your use of

The gist of it is that by using this site, you agree to certain terms of use—including my medical disclaimer, privacy policy, information about cookies, copyright information, and general liability. If you don’t agree with any of these terms and conditions, please don’t use the site.

The details follow. is not a substitute for medical consultation

Information provided by is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. This site does not offer medical or health care advice. Use of this site should NOT replace consultation with a physician, therapist, or other qualified health professional.

Funding sources

Text and banner ads

I am not funded by any external agencies, academic or otherwise. The costs of maintaining this site are supported by advertising.

The products and services advertised on this site are not personally endorsed by me. They are selected by advertising networks, and often are tailored to the web visitor: The ads you see are probably different than the ads that another person sees.

I don't get to review these ads before they appear online.

If you see an advertisement that you believe is inappropriate, please send me the details and I'll look into it.

Products featured in links to are my personal recommendations. pays me a small commission for any purchases you may make as a result of clicking on one of these links.

Privacy policy

I take your privacy seriously. Currently, the only personal information I collect is from readers who want to drop me a line via the “contact me" page. If you use my contact form, I ask you to provide your email address. If you like, you can also provide your name and country of origin.

I won’t share your email address or other personal information with a third party unless I am required to do so under penalty of law.

I don't collect medical information about my readers. If a reader sent me unsolicited medical information about himself or his family, I would treat this in strict confidence and adhere to U.S. legal requirements of medical privacy.

On my "Participate in Research" page I provide links to scientific studies in progress. These studies are not conducted by me or associated with me in any way. As a result, I cannot make any personal claims about their value.

However, I don't list a link unless I believe the study's author(s) to be affiliated with an accredited institution of higher learning. And, in general, such studies must have been approved by an ethics board before they go public.

This is no guarantee that you will be comfortable with the terms of the study. If you think you might want to participate in one of these studies, click on the link and read the information provided. If you choose to sign the consent form, you do so at your own risk.

Log files and Cookies

Like other websites, uses log files and cookies.

Log files are records of how each visitor uses a website. Log files include each visitor’s internet service provider (ISP), IP address, time of the visit, and the page(s) that were visited.

Cookies are text files sent by web servers to a visitor’s web browser (like your personal copy of Internet Explorer of Mozilla Firefox). A cookie is stored on a visitor’s hard drive. If that visitor ever visits the website again, the cookie “tells" the website which page(s) have been viewed in the past. posts third-party advertisements, including those provided by Google and SwitchAds. These advertisers might use cookies of their own—collecting information like your IP address and ISP. As SwitchAds explains, they "do not gather any personally identifiable information. They do not track an individual. They relate directly to a browser."

Google now uses something called a "Doubleclick DART cookie." This cookie tells advertisers which ads have been displayed to you. It also tells advertisers which ads you have clicked on in the past. Advertisers use this information to decide which ads are most likely to interest you.

Refusing cookies

If you like, you can refuse cookies by changing your browser settings or enabling anti-cookie features in your security software. However, this could interfere with your ability to view and interact with and other websites.

For information on how to opt out of Google's DoubleClick cookie, click here.


The contents of are protected by international copyright and trademark laws. Unless otherwise specifically indicated, you may not change, copy, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute in any manner the material on the site.

HOWEVER, it’s okay to download and print my articles for your own private, non-commercial use as long as you agree not to modify or delete any authorship, copyright, or other proprietary notices from material.

You can also contact me directly for permission to use text elsewhere. .

Articles and other content offered by are the exclusive trademarks or servicemarks of Some products or names mentioned on the website might be the trademarks of third parties.

Link exchanges

Occasionally, I find websites or pages that I share with my readers. In general, these sites offer free, scholarly, expert-authored, evidence based information to parents. I don't accept money for listing these links on my site. The links are there because I think they offer information of interest to my readers.

I do not have any formal link program, but I am open to a link exchange if you have content that falls into the category mentioned above. Before you contact me about a possible link exchange, please read my policies. 

General liability and other issues

As a visitor to this website, you assume total responsibility and risk for any damage arising from viewing, using, or downloading information on the site. This includes information provided by third parties (such as advertisers). It’s your sole responsibility to judge the accuracy and usefulness of any advice, services, or merchandise offered through the site.

This Agreement is governed by the laws of The United States of America. By using this site, you agree that any legal action or proceeding between you and shall be brought exclusively in a federal or state court of competent jurisdiction sitting in The United States of America.

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